Basement Entrances

Basement Entrances: For Safety and Easy Access

Whether you’re in Nassau or Suffolk County, now is the perfect time to look into installing a new basement entrance. Maybe you want to split your home into two apartments or you’re interested in adding a downstairs door to make sure you have an easy exit if there is an emergency. Whatever the reason, The Egress Experts are here to help you get the right solution.

Why Install New Basement Entrances?

There are all kinds of reasons why you should install new basement entrances. To start with, a basement with no entrances or exits is extremely dangerous. If anything happens to your stairs down into your basement, you’ll be unable to escape.

Another reason to install a new basement entryway is to make sure you can come and go freely. Maybe you want to convert your basement into an office, studio, or new apartment. Whatever the plan is, a new door can make it easier to consider having guests, tenants, or customers come to your home.

Should You Install a New Basement Entry Door or Window?

The simple answer is a resounding, “yes!” You should definitely consider installing a new basement entry door or window if you don’t have one already. Adding them to your home improves your home’s safety, helps bring in light, and can make a dark, dreary space into one with all-new possibilities, and they instantaneously add value to your home.

Bring In Light With a New Outside Basement Entrance

Your basement entrance can do more than just give you a way to come in and out. You can choose if you’d like a door with or without windows built in, letting you add light to your basement if you’d like.

Why bring in extra light? Bringing in natural light can make your basement look and feel much larger, not to mention it gives you the ability to bring in fresh air. You won’t have to rely on artificial light any longer and you’ll be better connected with what’s going on outside.

Combined with the ability to open the door and let in fresh air, this is a fantastic bonus aspect of getting a new basement entrance installed. Stay Safer With Your New B

Stay Safer With Your New Basement Door Entrance

Finally, think about the safety improvement your new basement door entrance provides you with. You can still lock it and keep people out, but when you need to, you’ll be able to exit your home from your basement. If you need to quickly leave for any reason, you just have to walk out the door. The reverse is true, too; if you want to quickly get to your basement, you just need to jog down a set of short stairs and head inside.

Let The Egress Experts Help You Improve Your Home

Having a new door downstairs is all about convenience and safety. You’ll bring your home up to code by making sure there is more than one exit out of your basement, and you’ll improve the space with light and fresh air. Best of all, the process is extremely simple. Did you know that installing a new window or door can take as little as one day? With over 20 years of experience, we provide no-mess installations in just a few hours, which means you can get to enjoying your new window or door right away!

At The Egress Experts, we’re experts at creating new openings from basement levels. We can also install drains, stairs, and wells to help protect the new entrance and make it inviting from the inside and outside. We’ll help you get the basement door or entrance you need to bring your home up to code, provide an easy entrance and exit, and improve your home.

Call 1-833-234-7377 to get a quote on basement entrances, egress windows, and dry wells & drainage systems on Long Island. We’re here to help you figure out the perfect solution for your your basement door and window needs.

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