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The Egress Experts

Our experienced team installs egress windows and basement entrances.  An egress window is a basement escape window, in the event of an emergency; you and your loved ones can easily climb out of our window, and out to safety. We ensure these windows are big enough to use as an emergency escape route, while also aesthetically bringing in sunlight to an otherwise dark, dull area within your home.

With a combined 20+ years of home construction and masonry experience, Ernie and Mike have installed all types of basement Egress. They take great pride and precision on each install – working with each customer to ensure they provide them with not only what they want, but what works best. Here at The Egress Experts we are installing more than just a window.

We are making a connection between a homeowner and their basement. The reaction we get from our customers the first time they see that new egress window is always one of pure excitement and satisfaction. It’s like a new addition only it’s always been there.

Did you Know?

It is NYS Building Code that all habitable basement space and all additional sleeping rooms must have a 2nd means of egress, besides the stairs leading up to the main floor. This means, that if your basement is finished, or used for anything besides storage, in order to comply with NYS code, you must have at least one 2nd form of escape.

Approximately 4,000 people in the US lose their lives to house fires each year, and another 2,000 are severely injured. It is our mission to drastically reduce these numbers by giving you and your family a safe way out.

Installing an egress window and/orc basement entrance by THE EGRESS EXPERTS is a financially smart investment as well. It is one of the only projects in your home that you will FULLY recoup the cost in the resale value of your home – making your home instantly more valuable.

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